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Focused on relationship and results - Beyond working diligently to achieve the best possible case result, we focus on providing our clients with responsive and personal service. When you are our client rest assured that you are not just a number.

Contstruction Law

We are experienced construction law firm serving general contractors, sub-contractors, developers, and lenders in the State of California. Our Attorneys provide comprehensive legal representation to clients with interests in the California construction industry.

Securities and Investment Law

We represent individual and institutional investors in securities arbitration, mediation and litigation to recover losses caused by the misconduct of stockbrokers, brokerage firms, financial advisors, and insurance companies

Landlord - Tenant Law

If you are a landlord who has a non-paying tenant that refuses to vacate the premises, we can respond knowledgably, expeditiously and efficiently for the eviction and obtain a judgment for you and get the tenant out quickly. If you’re a landlord with a tenant who has violated lease terms; allowing additional people to move in who are not on the lease or harboring pets when the lease explicitly states otherwise, or are dealing in illegal drugs we can rectify that in short order. Contact us today to find out how to get a bad tenant out. We is here for you the Landlord.


Protect Your Identity: Don’t Get Phished!

It’s Cyber Security Awareness Month. Do you know how to protect your identity online?


“Phishing” – the act of targeting victims via email in the hopes of spreading viruses and gathering personal information – can happen to anyone. Cybercriminals have become quite savvy in their attempts to lure people into clicking on links or opening phony email attachments. Online phishing attacks can not only spread computer viruses, but they can pose a significant risk for identity theft.


Better Business Bureau has joined with the National Cyber Security Alliance’s STOP. THINK. CONNECT. campaign to recommend the following tips to avoid falling for an email phishing scam:


Be on your toes. Only open emails, attachments, and links from people you know. Use anti-virus software regularly and enhance email filters to block threats. Watch out for unsolicited emails that contain misspellings or grammatical errors.


Don’t believe what you see. It’s easy to steal the colors, logos and header of an established organization. Scammers can also make links look like they lead to legitimate websites, and make emails appear to come from a different sender.


Avoid sharing. Don’t reveal personal or financial information in an email, and do not respond to email solicitations for this information. This includes following links sent in email. Be wary of any urgent instructions to take specified action such as “Click on the link or your account will be closed.”


Pay attention to a website’s URL. Hover over any links to see where they lead. Malicious websites may look identical to a legitimate site, but the URL may use a variation in spelling or a different – but similar – domain.


If you are unsure whether an email request is legitimate, try to verify it by contacting the company directly. Contact the company using information provided on an account statement, not information provided in an email. Information about known phishing attacks is available online from groups such as the Anti-Phishing Working Group. Report phishing to APWG.


Keep a clean machine. Having the latest operating system, software, web browsers, anti-virus protection and apps are the best defenses against viruses, malware, and other online threats.

For more information you can trust, visit For more tips from the STOP. THINK. CONNECT campaign, visit Stay Safe Online.

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