Professional Experience You Need. Personal Service You Deserve.

Focused on relationship and results - Beyond working diligently to achieve the best possible case result, we focus on providing our clients with responsive and personal service. When you are our client rest assured that you are not just a number.

Contstruction Law

We are experienced construction law firm serving general contractors, sub-contractors, developers, and lenders in the State of California. Our Attorneys provide comprehensive legal representation to clients with interests in the California construction industry.

Securities and Investment Law

We represent individual and institutional investors in securities arbitration, mediation and litigation to recover losses caused by the misconduct of stockbrokers, brokerage firms, financial advisors, and insurance companies

Landlord - Tenant Law

If you are a landlord who has a non-paying tenant that refuses to vacate the premises, we can respond knowledgably, expeditiously and efficiently for the eviction and obtain a judgment for you and get the tenant out quickly. If you’re a landlord with a tenant who has violated lease terms; allowing additional people to move in who are not on the lease or harboring pets when the lease explicitly states otherwise, or are dealing in illegal drugs we can rectify that in short order. Contact us today to find out how to get a bad tenant out. We is here for you the Landlord.


Supreme Court Committee Provides Guidance on Disqualifications Triggered by Judicial Campaign Contributions

December, 11,2013 – The California Supreme Court Committee on Judicial Ethics which is an  independent committee appointed by the Supreme Court to help inform the judiciary and the public concerning judicial ethics topics, has provided guidance that prohibits trial court judges from hearing cases where one of the lawyers in the case contributed more than $1,500 to the judge’s campaign.

 The Supreme Court committee concluded in that disqualification is mandatory for contributions over $1,500 from individual lawyers, but judges must also consider whether aggregated contributions from a group of lawyers or a law firm might cause a reasonable person to doubt the judge’s impartiality and require disqualification.  The opinion is the first advisory opinion in the country to address aggregated and law firm contributions.

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